Our Mission

With an eye for the unique as well as quality, our team aims to curate customized itineraries and event schedules for those looking to experience Berlin, Germany or neighbouring countries. Our programs are never standardized, but rather constructed after an initial consultation, drawing from our broad network of not only the obvious like hotels, restaurants and transportation, but speakers, religious figures and experts as well as venues and local experiences. Immersion and exposure, beyond all the normal run of the mill is our goal from the start. We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

Who We Are

Sharon and those she manages are an international group of long time Berliners from an array of backgrounds. Sharon's team has been assembled over the years while doing this very work - connections and new friends acquired through the process of learning and producing events and itineraries together. Each person brings a unique angle to the team - be it expertise in travel to Poland, or student focused seminars, or working with interfaith groups. We love the unexpected nature of the next project and are eager to create something new.

Sample Programs

10 Day two country, interfaith discovery program Berlin, Krakow

To explore contemporary antisemitism and Islamophobia within the context of the Holocaust Building bridges to and between organizations here that fight negative stereotyping and prejudice.

4 Day Intercultural exchange Beijing Berlin

Survey of contemporary art scene by a delegation of cultural ambassadors sent by the government in Beijing. Introductions and private viewings with leading art institutions and galleries throughout Berlin in coordination with the Chinese Embassy.

3 Day themed focus trip: Auto Industry, Berlin – Wolfsburg

Immersion in German car culture visits to public and private car collections, trip to manufacturing and related sites.

7 Days Academic speciality Tour Berlin

North American University, Deaf studies department exploration of discrimination and accessibility within modern Germany. Survey of historical context as well as contact with scholars and grassroots organizations fostering inclusion and deaf culture today.

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